202 words

It’s been awhile. Like a really long time.

Contrary to popular belief, I do have a blog. See, it’s right here in front of you.

It would be so easy to disconnect this sucker, pull the plug, turn out the lights and walk away forever. Paper airplane

It would be easy to look at the warehouses full of blogs on the Internets and wonder what else I might add.

It would be so easy to blame those distractions. Man, how they plague me. It’s so easy to feel less like a laser-guided missile in life, and more like a paper airplane.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell, one of my most favorite heroes and thinkers, totally got how hard it is to go through the “mighty change.” I thought about this statement long after I heard it while on the treadmill last night.

“‘Mighty’ changing, however, is mighty hard work, a labor made more difficult by heeding the unflattering urges of the natural man. Too often our possibilities have been muted by the mundane.”

The more I think about it. I can see it happening right now, very imperceptibly at times.

I could see it even more after writing these 202 words.

That could be a sign.


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