Why I don’t care if you read this (for now)

You 10 readers used to keep me up at night.

I used to pour over the blog stats fretting about who showed up on my blog and how they got there. What if I added the wrong keywords or (heaven forbid) give enough back links?

For a long time, you came to the blog in droves, and it was fun living my alter ego as a two-bit blog celebrity. I tried to act nonchalant when my kids reported more comments to them about my blog.

Now I’ve reached a point where I hope to write more and care less. It’s taken a long time, but I think I’m finally there. I’ll still share on Facebook and Twitter, and still be grateful when you visit. But letting go of the numbers, a process many months in the making, has been extremely¬†therapeutic.

If you still come to visit me here, glad to have you.

Who knows what you’ll find when you get here. The writing most likely won’t be gooder than other writers. But it will have honesty, maybe make you smile or identify with a lesson that I learned. And like always, I never write longer than my attention span. These days, that’s usually not longer than success as a GOP frontrunner.

This whole discovering who I am is taking longer than I thought. Some day, I’ll finish the idea I had for a children’s book. I might even compile of these essays into book form. I’ll keep reading powerful writing, such as this¬†this eulogy on Steve Jobs.

But for now, I’ll just keep writing. Judging by how often I look at these pics on my desk, I’ll have plenty of inspiration.

Lacey, Lindsey and the dog inspire me just as well. You're just on the opposite side of the desk.


5 Replies to “Why I don’t care if you read this (for now)”

  1. Ya know, if you took the pictures of yourself and the dog out of their frames you’d have room for Barb, Lacey and Lindsay in the 3-spot frame. Do you really love looking at yourself and the dog that much? Just sayin’. We sure miss you around here!

  2. It’s not about quantity, Mike. Those of us who read care that you take the time to write. And over the years you have made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. You have also, at times, given me validation by putting words to my own thoughts. Thank your for writing.

  3. Now, I know we haven’t agreed on everything, but Mike I do respect you and you always have a story to tell which is either thought provoking or touching or humorous. I enjoy reading your blog, though I am busier now with the kids (who knew kindergarten could make moms so busy?!) I still catch up on google reader and fb. I don’t always comment but I do enjoy your blog and think you are a talented writer. You and Laurie are some of my favorite bloggers, despite any differences. You just write gooder than most. ; )

  4. BTW, your picture choices weren’t the only thing I got out of this post! I’m so sorry. I was up past my bedtime.
    Missed you at the Church Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. Got teary when your picture came up in the slideshow and I thought how quickly all of your family will be gone. You Henneke’s are great people and will truly be missed!

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