14 ways to stay in a rut

“The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.” Ellen Glasgow

Success is a crutch.

It’s much easier to watch actors and athletes live out their dreams instead of going for our own. If you don’t jump too high, it doesn’t hurt as bad when you fall.

Live for today, or until your next check comes in. Here are 14 ways to help you feel trapped and hopeless.

1. Show up for work 15 minutes late like usual.

2. Be sure to complain a lot about injustices that don’t matter.

3. Don’t bother being loyal to your friends. They don’t deserve it.

4. Always drive the same route to work, no matter what.

5. Avoid water at all costs.

6. Don’t even think of writing a letter with a pen. They won’t be able to read your writing.

7. Charge something on your credit card.

8. Have seconds. Or thirds.

9. Show the jerk behind you how well your brakes work.

10. Keep the television on during dinner.

11. Go find a new Facebook game.

12. Leave the dishes in the sink for tomorrow.

13. Clean the house after you return from vacation.

14. Always find the closest parking spot to the front door.

For the honest-to-goodness inspiration, check out 40 ways to get out of a rut by Christian Parsons on his blog. Or this sequel.

He inspired me to twist around his inspiration, and hopefully get the same point across.