Confessions from the virtual world

At home, I’m known for many things, some of which I can repeat on this blog.

But most of all, I’m known for what my wife refers to as gadgets. While she says it with a touch of disdain, I prefer the term “blissful tools of technology.”

As I’ve said before, she prefers to draw a map on paper. I opt for Google maps. She’s a yellow pages gal while I’m all about search engines.

Keeping a balance between the virtual world and real world has always been a constant struggle with me. While I’ve operated business and newspaper Facebook pages professionally for a number of years, I also can’t count up the number of hours I’ve wasted on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s time I could have learned something new from a book or served somebody.

Ironically, I’ve met some fantastic people on Facebook that I hope to meet in person some day. The same medium that could be my undoing has exposed more people to this blog.

For every meme, political rant or detailed description about digestive habits, you’ve inspired me. Certain videos or saying have touched my heart. Posts or quotes from people I respect have made me think.

So I don’t come here to bury the virtual world, for I am one of you. I have a condo with a view of the waste dump known as AOL. Stop by and see me some time.

But today reminded me I need to keep that balance.

The real world and my family could use me a little more. A lot more.



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  1. I think there are many of us who could say the same. It is easy to lose track of time and spending time with family is never the wrong choice.

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