The choice between the two bags

I held two white crinkled grocery bags in front of me, and told him each bag held a treat.

The choice was his.

The pie bag or the empty bag?

One bag appeared empty, with what appeared to be an old receipt inside. He looked closely at the other bag where he could easily make out the familiar green package of a Hostess apple pie.

As I expected, Spencer quickly zeroed in on the apple pie. As he lifted his hand to point to Hostess bag, I held up my hand.

“Things aren’t always what they seem. Have faith in your dad and really consider picking the other bag.”

He looked at the both with a pained expression on his face for a few seconds.

Ultimately he pointed to the non-pie bag , which I handed to him to open. I watched as he opened it with a resigned look and pulled two small white pieces of paper. His eyes grew big when he realized what he was holding in his hands.

Two matinee tickets for “The Hunger Games” Friday afternoon, the movie he’s been pestering me to see for two months.

And what about the apple pie? Aw, I let him eat that as well.

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