History in the making


Capturing those special moments is about to get much easier, thanks to Kinfolio.

I’m the world’s worst genealogist. There, I said it.

I can’t spell the word without Google. Searching records online? Combing cemeteries for gravestones? Sending away for census records? All of that makes my head explode.

What compounds the guilt is my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and having my mom as a veteran genealogist for at least 50 years.

It’s what we do. Mormons believe everything begins with the family unit, and we need to connect the dots back through history.

Despite my shameful example at times through my life, something still calls to me with family history, to find the stories of the people who paved the way for me and to learn from them.

Thankfully, capturing your family stories and personal memories is about to get much easier. The people who made Family Search are putting the finishing touches on a free new experience for capturing those special family moments.

I’ve seen a sneak preview. It’s called Kinfolio, and trust me when I say it looks fun and easy to preserve my family memories.

I think I’m coming down with the family history bug again. And this is one affliction I don’t mind getting at all.

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