The next best thing to moving mountains

 “We must actually make the effort. It’s in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals.” — Thomas S. Monson

So much for my plans to move mountains tonight.

This was going to a major night for planning, shaping and getting things done. Only one problem. I couldn’t move, couldn’t force myself to do. I was an inspirational pile of goo.

Doing was too hard, took too much effort from me. Still was determined to accomplish something so tonight wouldn’t be a total waste.

The clock kept ticking and I had barely moved. Then I saw this video about a dad working with his son to be a better basketball player. The quote from above flashed on the screen and resonated with me. By the end of the video, I was crying a little. Been doing a lot of that lately. I guess that’s OK.

Then I noticed an email from my wife. Took a minute and wrote some feelings of my heart to her and how much she meant to me. Didn’t take very long. Really no more than 60 seconds.

Then I happened to remove my headphones at the exact time my daughter called. Again, I didn’t move any mountains. I think I mostly listened, because that’s what she needed.

Before going to bed, I noticed another dad going through a brutal trial right now. Sent him a quick note to tell him I loved him.

So I didn’t move mountains today. But I think I have a better idea how to use the shovel.

One Reply to “The next best thing to moving mountains”

  1. Mike, I love this post.

    Although I thought you were going to make me cry again with that Hilary Weeks song.

    I’m sorry to hear you are in ‘can’t move’ mode, whatever is causing that. You’ve inspired me to think differently about that mode, though, and I needed that mucho. So add this post as doing some good to your list.

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