Mike Henneke: Storyteller, creator and observer of life

Some would have you believe that we don’t have time to read anymore, that storytellers should find something else to do.

I refuse to believe that.

For nearly 30 years, I’ve told stories professionally through newspaper features, blog posts photos, award-winning page designs and videos.

Some of my stories are personal, such as essays on saying goodbye to our dog, or the last ride with the man I call my father. One beloved dad woke up with big dreams, thinking it would be just another Saturday. Because he died in a plane crash, he never came home. What an honor it was to tell his story.

It might be my front page capturing the glory of a perfect 12-0 season for a local football team or an explosion at Kmart. It could also be one of my images from a play at the plate or why the sheriff got soaked in mud.

Take a look around, and maybe, you just might smile or be inspired a little.




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